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UK1994-Part1-London : The Tower of London

Here's a look at the Tower of London from across the Thames River. Actually, this still isn't the entire complex - there's more to both the left and right of this shot, I just couldn't get it all in.

When I had heard people talk about the "Tower of London" I always though of it as a single tall building. What I was amazed to discover was that "the tower" is actually a small city encircled by walls and a moat. It has several streets and a multitude of buildings. The complex started as a single tower (which evolved into the tall building with the flag in this shot); but by the time people talked about "being sent to the tower", it was already a city-within-a-city, and the prisoners were never kept in the old tower - which was usually used as am armory. Most prisoners were kept in the low white building you see just to left of center in this shot. The arch along the waterline to left of center was the "traitor's gate", which was where prisoners were taken into the complex; but more on that later.

Posted by Steven at July 4, 2005 06:20 PM