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GCC : Birthday Party 3

Another shot of that birthday party, and a face I can identify: RolandJ - tall, beard and moustache, "under" the balloons.

Posted by Steven at May 24, 2005 08:46 PM


4th head in: Emanuel Washington, or just E, and two heads further in in the white shirt (partially obscured, just to the left of the woman in the green and red striped dress) is Dan Schwinn. Just on the other side of the same woman is Brad Parker, and then ARC and Betty R. before Roland.

Posted by: skod at May 31, 2005 10:51 PM

And the woman in white in front of me, leaning over the railing, is Mary Jo Fernandes

Posted by: Roland at June 2, 2005 06:55 AM

in striped shirt on left is Marshall Peck, one of the artists. Then again, not sure I got that name entirely right.

Posted by: Patty Goodson at June 9, 2005 08:18 AM

Brad Parker, in glasses, dead center, looking at camera.
GeneBroadway, far left.

Posted by: Lars Jensen at June 20, 2005 10:59 PM